3 Ways to Determine the Best Times to Post on Social Media

When is the ideal time to post on my Social Media in order to get the best results?  Hang on, let me consult the expert…


Sorry!  She doesn’t know and neither do I!

While there is no magic formula to determine a specific answer that works for everyone, there are ways to determine peak posting hours for your unique audience to have the greatest probability of seeing what you have to say.  You wouldn’t want to use the peak posting times for my audience since it is different from yours, would you?  Anytime someone says “X” is the best time…just know they are full SH*t because it is different for each unique makeup of a specific group of followers.

Though I can’t give you any hard and fast concrete rules, I can provide you with some tools to help you determine YOUR peak posting times.

  • Facebook is awesome in that peak posting times are built right into your insights with no need to use a third party application to mine for this data.  Thanks Mark Z.!  Click on Insights > then Posts.  You should see this screen:

posting times

For me, my audience is more likely to be online Saturday at noon.

  • Twitter has a third party tool called Tweriod which offers a nice one-two punch for ease of posting If you’re using Buffer. Once Tweriod determines the new, optimized times your posts should be sent, it will automatically schedule your posts on Buffer for you.  If you’re not on Buffer, Tweriod will simply determine peak posting times.


  • Google+ also has analytics called Timing+, which will pinpoint the exact day and time you should post.  For me, it looks like Monday between 6pm – 7pm.


Keep in mind these are simply tools to get an idea.   Have fun with them and test them out, but remember who your ideal customer is and when they are more likely to be online. This is when you should be posting!  Let me know how accurate you feel these tools are based on what it is suggesting for you and what your observations have been with your business.  Will you be making any adjustments?



  1. Thanks for posting, Katie! My Facebook insight graph looks very similar to yours, but I find that if I post later in the day (say, 8pm, when most people are online) my post reach is usually pretty low, so I don’t feel like the Facebook graph is all that accurate. Also, how did you figure that Sundays at noon is an ideal time for you, based on the graph? Maybe I’m mis-interpreting the data!

    Great tip about the Buffer-related tool, I’ll have to try that. Unfortunately, for the last two weeks I’ve scheduled all of my posts on Buffer, and my reach has been much lower than usual. Is there any advantage to using Hootsuite over Buffer? Or does Facebook just not like 3rd party post apps in general? I’ve used Buffer for almost a year, but I didn’t usually pre-schedule all of my posts before, just an occasional one.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

    • Hi Jen,

      I made a mistake and I apologize. My peak posting would be Saturday around noon. I interpreted this by seeing most of my customers are online on Saturday, and it appears right at noon is the highest traffic. Though just marginally. It looks like from 12-8 on Saturdays would be ideal for me.

      I prefer Hootsuite as I’ve used it longer. It’s truly up to you what you are more comfortable with. Though, I am very impressed with some of the bells and whistles of Buffer I mentioned in this blog. So, perhaps over time, I’ll migrate completely to Buffer.

      To answer your Facebook question, I prefer not to schedule from a 3rd party on Facebook since FB has a fantastic scheduling tool of its own. The algorithm on Facebook is tough enough, so I’d stick internally to schedule posts if possible. I know, it’s one more step, but probably worth it.

      I never have much of a reach after 8pm on any platform. For B2B, I try to stay within “business hours”.

      I hope this helps and let me know if I can answer any further questions!

      • Thanks, Katie!

        No apologies needed! Regarding Facebook…my graph shows that the same amount of customers are online every day of the week. That seems strange to me compared to yours! I try to post 3-4 times every day at the same times.

        I originally started with Buffer, but I’ve heard great things about Hootsuite! Buffer has started something new where you’re only allowed to fill your queue with a certain amount of posts unless you upgrade. This was fine for me before, but with trying to input a week of posts in advance, I topped out around Wednesday or so. 😉 You also cannot post more than one picture with a post through Buffer, not sure how HootSuite is with that.

        I used to schedule directly on Facebook, and then I read something about how even that impacts the reach, so I stopped. I’ll go back to scheduling directly for a couple of weeks and see how the reach compares. Then maybe I’ll try Hootsuite and compare that too. I’ve literally had posts that say they’ve reached 12 people over the last few days. Frustrating!

        I just learned something about comments on my own blog – I always reply to people but never hear back from them. I didn’t actually know that you replied to my comment – I just happened to check your post again. There should be a way that the person is notified, don’t you think? People rarely think to come back and check a post, so it seems strange that your reply didn’t generate an e-mail or anything.

        Let me know if know anything about that!


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