Are you failing?

We can be so hard on ourselves and I know first-hand how easy it can be to consider yourself a failure when you aren’t getting the results you set out to achieve.  As business owners this sense of failure is often times associated with some aspect of social media implementation.  We are going to glance at 5 reasons you may be experiencing social media failure and how to remedy them.


1)       Your Status Updates aren’t engaging – You hear that?  Crickets.  That’s the sound of no interaction.  Here’s a secret:  People love to talk about themselves and give advice. So ask questions!  It doesn’t have to be all work and no play.  What’s your favorite pizza topping?  Favorite holiday?  Now I know the questions may vary a little depending on who your audience is and if you are B2B or B2C, but the point is to build a rapport and find out what makes them tick.


2)       You haven’t logged on in weeks – Log on daily.  If you don’t have time daily, set aside 30 minutes a week to set pre scheduled posts.  If time is an issue, bridge your Facebook to Twitter as well.  Pay attention and note what types of posts are generating the most interest, likes and chatter.


3)       Or you have the opposite problem, you’re spammy and/or over posting– No one likes their newsfeed cluttered with irrelevant information daily.  If you are posting every 5 minutes, you’re on the fast track to being “un-liked”.   Abide by the 90/10 rule as to how much of your content should actually be promotional.


4)       You don’t understand how the different Social Media Platforms work – for example, due to Facebook’s Promote Algorithm, your audience will never see all of your Facebook posts in their newsfeed.  The only way for them to see everything is to come to your page directly.  So give them a reason to visit regularly by posting informative, relevant material.


5)      Your contact information is difficult to locate – This should be a no brainer, though I see this over and over, even with large corporations.  Nothing is more frustrating for a customer who just wants to shoot you a quick email, or pick up the phone to inquire about your services.  On your Facebook page this should be in your “About You” section, the first thing people see.  Don’t forget the email signature linking customers right back to your website.  If you Pinterest, hyperlink your pin back to your blog.   Make yourself available!

Bottom line is treat Social Media as you would if someone walked into your brick and mortar place of business.  Build relationships and trust and you’ll have a customer for life!


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