Be Surprised by Who ACTUALLY Needs to Hear What You Have to Say

I recently attended an event where we were asked to turn to the person to our left and come up with a tagline for our business as a group exercise.  I turned to the gentleman next to me in an attempt to come up with the requested tagline and stated, “let’s start with who your target audience is.”  I wanted to know their age range, gender, pain points, etc.  He was stumped, in fact, he scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders and said he had never thought of that in his 8 years of being in business.  He finally said “they should have a pulse!”  I guess it’s a good thing he’s not a mortician!

I think this is something many people overlook, yet it is so crucial to pinpoint exactly to whom you will be marketing your product or service to so that you can craft your message in a way that will make sense to them.

The man I was speaking to was grateful for the thought provocation. Here is the advice I gave him:

  • I first told him to identify the 5-10 clients, of his HUNDREDS, who he really enjoyed working with and was able to transact profitable business with.
  • I then told him to look at the similarities between these clients. Were they buying the same products from him?  Were they all buying multiple products from him?  Did they have geographic location, age, annual income, values, priorities, professions in common?
  • After he does this I suggested that he then find out how to talk to this person specifically.  What is it that makes them tick?  What problem keeps them up at night that he can solve?  All of this will help him to craft his message in a way that will attract his newly defined target market!

Let’s go over a few key aspects in determining your ideal customer so that you may speak to them in a way they will understand.  After all, you don’t want to spend all your marketing budget targeting 21 year old males when you are selling an anti-aging youth cream, do you?

  • Who will benefit from your product or service?  One of the easiest ways to determine your customer is through some simple demographic information.   Are they male or female?  How old are they?  Where do they live?  Are they married?  What is their approximate income?
  • Why would someone purchase your product and what problem does it solve?  Once you’ve determined some basics, you MUST dig a little deeper and answer the question, “what makes MY customer tick?”  What are his or her hobbies?   What are their values and attitudes?  How do they spend their free time?
  • How will your product or service make their life easier?

It’s not enough to just say who your target audience is, where are they?  Find out which websites they visit and which social networks they most frequently check, is it Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram? The information you gather for your customer profile, combined with knowing where your audience is online will navigate your marketing strategy.

So, tell me about your ideal customer. 

Share with us in the comments below and we will brainstorm together how you can help them hear what you have to say!



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