My Close Encounter with the Third Kind

When I was a little girl I loved dancing, ballet, and WRITING!   I was always scribbling my thoughts and ideas down on paper.  I won awards in school for my writing and attended Young Author Society Conferences were I excelled as well.  My first decade of life I decided I would become a journalist and do a lil dancing on the side.  All was well in my world, not many people know what they want to do at age 30, let alone age 10.

Cheat Sheet: SMM & Business Acronyms

So, here we go, some social media (and regular ‘ol business) jargon every small business owner with an SMM (hint: see #19!) strategy should be hip to.  That’s right, me keeping you hip.

Quick Tips to Run Your Online Shenanigans More Effortlessly

Put the power of the internet to work for you!    Here are some of my favorite time saver, productivity enhancing tools I can’t live without!  Most of these are free and can be implemented and up and running in minutes, making your life easier. 1)  Did someone visit your webpage and not purchase?   Or want to attract more…

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Identifying and Overcoming Negative Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

Recently I came across a Facebook Business page of a woman who unknowingly had her home address and Ratings and Reviews enabled on her page; neither of which she wanted on the page.  She had received a 3 star review, in my opinion…

Instagram Hack to Make Your Life Easier

Social media is so vital to our roles in growing our business yet can also cause a great deal of frustration when it seemingly won’t cooperate with what we want it to do. It leaves us yelling at our laptops and phones and sometimes having the urge to throw these devices across the room.  Or is that just me?  I digress.  I’d like to walk you through a problem we encountered the other day and the simple fix.  Now THAT’S Social Media SOLVED!

You so Trendy!

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Find trending topics relevant to your business and contribute to a trending topic once a week.. If you can find a trending topic relevant to your business to comment on once a week, you should be able to attract more followers and increase brand awareness.

So why should this matter to you? What would that do for your business if you could attract one new customer or potential client a week?  You’re probably thinking “sign me up!” So where to start?

Is Social Media Powerful Enough to Cure Disease?

I’ve witnessed the growth, influence, and power of social media since it’s inception and it never ceases to amaze me.  Social media delivers news from around the world in an instant, keeps us in touch with family and friends, and can raise awareness for social causes and disease. Most recently, the #icebucketchallenge has been in the spotlight raising 53.3 million as of Friday, August 22, 2014.  In contrast, this time last year donations were only at 2.2 million.  The social media campaign, Ice Bucket Challenge, can be credited for this more than a 2,400% increase of donations.

Creative Marketing vs. Content Marketing

By now you’ve seen Coke’s summer campaign “Share a Coke with….”, if not, this is what I’m referring to.  This encourages folks to look for their names, friends and significant others name’s.  Then of course snap a photo with the Coke can and share to all their friends on Instagram, thereby exposing MORE advertising for Coke.  Sigh….I was looking at this the other day thinking, how can otherwise small or midsize companies keep up with the content marketing in the ways Coca Cola does?

Creme de la Twitter

As you go through your day, updating and connecting with potential clients on your Social Media sites, you may begin to wonder if it’s really worth the work.  You aren’t alone, according to this only 12% of marketers feel confident in measuring their Social Media Return on Investment.

This online marketing game is all about engaging first and selling second.  Ah, but you want to sell, sell, sell.  Of course.   The value of social media is not always immediately apparent or measurable.  In fact, it’s a bit of a contradiction to rely on reports to measure “social” interaction.  Social media sites are where your customers are going to go to get to know you and your product.  As convenient as it is for your customer, it can take time to build rapport, customer trust, and brand awareness via these channels. 

Be Surprised by Who ACTUALLY Needs to Hear What You Have to Say

I recently attended an event where we were asked to turn to the person to our left and come up with a tagline for our business as a group exercise.  I turned to the gentleman next to me in an attempt to come up with the requested tagline and asked “let’s start with who is your target customer?”  He was stumped, in fact, he scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders and said…