Hourly vs Project Based…Are you getting paid what you are worth?

So you’ve found your niche, you took the plunge and you started your own business! Congratulations!

Now you are faced with pricing.  For most creative people, this may be an area they aren’t as comfortable dealing with.  Let’s say your new business is Interior Design, how do you determine your hourly rate?  Since you aren’t a household name (well, at least not yet) you can’t possibly charge what Martha Stewart does, or can you?  With your personal touch and attention, I believe your services are more valuable than hers.  So, what are you to do?

Are you failing?

We can be so hard on ourselves and I know first-hand how easy it can be to consider yourself a failure when you aren’t getting the results you set out to achieve.  As business owners this sense of failure is often times associated with some aspect of social media implementation.  We are going to glance at 5 reasons you may be experiencing social media failure and how to remedy them.

Engaged with social media? Here’s what to expect from the marriage

So you’re ready to do it. You’re going to get yoked up with social media. Good for you. Like they say about marriage, the first year is the hardest. Too many businesses expect to see results immediately and that just ain’t the way it works.

One of the biggest errors I see on social media

Often times I am asked what the biggest mistake I see on social media is?  Any guesses?  Truth be told I see many common mistakes, but the biggest one of all and probably the most common is no bringing leads into your own system. What do I mean by that?  Social media should be a stepping stone.  Each platform is…

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Piss or get off the pot

Are you one of many small businesses who have attempted social media? Some may have tried their hand at it this year with little to no success while others don’t know the first place to start. I’m here to tell you that if you are going to do it, do it!

Here is a list of problems I see happening on the interwebs of social media:

7 ways to reach holiday shoppers on Pinterest

The holidays are huge for Pinterest. So huge, in fact, that in the months leading up to the holidays, we see a 25 percent increase in boards related to gifts and wishlists. “Christmas gifts” is already in our top 25 search terms. While there’s clear consumer intent, there’s even more good news for businesses. A recent study published in the Harvard…

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