Engaged with social media? Here’s what to expect from the marriage

So you’re ready to do it. You’re going to get yoked up with social media. Good for you. Like they say about marriage, the first year is the hardest. Too many businesses expect to see results immediately and that just ain’t the way it works.

One of the biggest errors I see on social media

Often times I am asked what the biggest mistake I see on social media is?  Any guesses?  Truth be told I see many common mistakes, but the biggest one of all and probably the most common is no bringing leads into your own system. What do I mean by that?  Social media should be a stepping stone.  Each platform is…

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Get More Tweets Today

If you are like most other business owners you are trying to figure out how to grow your influence.  Here is a simple tip to getting more tweets today.

5 Social Media Update Post Strategies

Everybody wants to know what to post on Facebook, what to Tweet about, or what to leak out to your network on LinkedIn. There are 5 main posting strategies that I go by and teach as part of my Social Media Strategy & Review. Each type has a best practice involved, delivers a unique end result, and is used for different reasons.