Creating A Call To Action With Facebook App Thumbnails

One of the great new features allowed by the Facebook Timeline for pages is the ability to create a custom thumbnail for your apps.  The custom thumbnail is not only great for branding, but also for getting your page visitor to do what you want them to do.  Before you start, think about what the goal of your page is.  Are you trying to get email subscribers?  Visitors to your website?

If you go to my insurance agencies fan page you can see how I have created a call to action.  The purpose of my page is to get page visitors to get an insurance quote.  I have requested this in a couple of ways.  First I have created a custom thumbnail inviting the visitor to either call or click for quotes.  If they click they will be taken to a shop for insurance app.  Another way I have done this is by inviting them to my website which is right there on Facebook.  The user never leaves Facebook and has full access to my website where they are of course also directed to get quotes.

When you are working on this mini project don’t forget to custom name your tabs to further encourage visitors to complete an action or tell them what they can do by clicking on your app.

To start, create a custom image that you want to use.  Then go to your admin panel, manage, and edit page then click on apps which is on the left hand side.  From there, find the app you want to work with and click to edit settings.  Here is where you can rename your tab and upload the new thumbnail.  Voila!  You have just done a little page optimizing!  Let me know how it works for you by visiting my Facebook page or my LinkedIn Group.

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