Creative Marketing vs. Content Marketing


This is an example of the share a coke campaign bottle.

By now you’ve seen Coke’s summer campaign “Share a Coke with….” This encourages people to look for their names, friend’s names, and significant others name’s. Then of course snap a photo with the Coke can and share to all their friends on Instagram, thereby exposing MORE advertising for Coke. Sigh….I was looking at this the other day thinking, how can otherwise small or midsize companies keep up with the content marketing in the ways Coca Cola does?  The first step is to make it fun and consider it creative marketing

Creative marketing is nothing more than sharing information about your product WITHOUT selling. Have you ever seen the back of a Jello box and found a recipe? Bingo! They are giving you valuable information while encouraging you to buy more Jello!

Here are some steps in order to design content/creative marketing. Typically for a business you would deliver this in forms of a blog or one of the various social media sites.  Let’s begin:

1) Know your customer – I’ve said this before and I’ll more than likely say it again, but this is absolutely the first step and sometimes overlooked. You can find some tips on knowing your customer here. The content you create has to resonate with your customers. What can you do for them?

2) Make a list – After you’ve identified your audience, make a list of topics that appeal to your customers and make your brand unique. Give yourself a goal of one content share a week, or once a month and stick to it. You are writing what you know and helping others along the way. It’s a win-win!

3) Speed Kills – Not only on the highway, but on social media as well. If you were asked by a local television station to present your product or services on air in a month, how much time would you spend preparing? I think you’d probably pour a lot of time into determining who you are speaking to (your audience) what to say, and how to say it. Sometimes in social media marketing, the mistake some businesses make is just throwing any old thing out there to have SOMETHING out there. Slow down. This isn’t a race. Make sure your content is valuable and relevant.

4) Relax a little – For me, this is my opportunity to connect with my clients. I can be myself and let my personality and personal style shine while posting free social media tips. I will generally post these on my website, Facebook along with the other social media sites. What about you? Do you own a bakery? Post recipes along with visual content on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Maybe you’re a Personal Trainer. Write regular, free content on effective exercises and correct form. Again, along with the baker, you could also leverage Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your free tips.

5) Visually Appealing Headline/Photo – This is the icing on the cake. Make your headlines something that will grab your audience’s attention. I really like fitness, so if I see a Pin of great abs with the headline “One move for Rockin’ Abs,” I’m more likely to read and share your content over a headline of “Do this exercise today”. See the difference? Re-read your headline and ask yourself if you would click on the link, or pin, or play the YouTube video.

The main objective is to make it relevant, eye catching, and easily sharable. You want others to share your new creative marketing and even reference back to it weeks, months, and years later. Above all, this should be fun for both you and your customer, so enjoy and play a little!

Side note, one of my most favorite pieces of content/creative marketing is a buyer’s guide. This is a guide that teaches your audience how to buy what you have to sell. By the time they reach the end of the guide they will know you meet all of the guidelines and will direct them to buy from you!



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