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As you go through your day, updating and connecting with potential clients on your Social Media sites, you may begin to wonder if it’s really worth the work.  You aren’t alone, according to this only 12% of marketers feel confident in measuring their Social Media Return on Investment.

This online marketing game is all about engaging first and selling second.  Ah, but you want to sell, sell, sell.  Of course.   The value of social media is not always immediately apparent or measurable.  In fact, it’s a bit of a contradiction to rely on reports to measure “social” interaction.  Social media sites are where your customers are going to go to get to know you and your product.  As convenient as it is for your customer, it can take time to build rapport, customer trust, and brand awareness via these channels. 

Need proof social media can leverage brand awareness?  Ask Curtis Kimball, the Crème Brulee Cart owner in San Francisco.  He began peddling his desserts with a handmade pushcart.  He has since built his entire business on Twitter and Facebook simply updating where to find his cart’s location each day.  This gives his customers incentive to follow him, engage with him, and probably most important to them, find the location of his yummy brulee.


Curtis Kimball

You can find him here!

Beyond revenue, be aware social media platforms can serve as an excellent sounding board for your customers and clients.  Have you been to a major corporations Facebook or Twitter page?  You’ll find all sorts of customer service issues, good and bad, and some really ugly out there.  This is the easiest way for a customer to contact you.  This is invaluable alone as quickly responding to customer concerns and rave reviews builds that trust and rapport I spoke of earlier.

For those of you that are number driven and not big on anecdotal stories, here are a few tools you can use to measure the effectiveness of your strategies:

  • HootSuite is a good basic tool to use for tracking data. You probably already know you can schedule posts from multiple social media platforms,  but did you know you could create  individual reports for each of your sites? 
  • The Facebook insights dashboard allows you to understand your audience, monitor their engagement, determine what is capturing their attention, and what’s not, so you can adjust your content accordingly.
  • Twitter now has its  own dashboard.  Twitter Analytics allows you to you can track tweets that were favorited & retweeted.  The tool also gives you insight into your followers interests, location and gender.  This information can help you streamline and tailor your tweets to your target audience. 
  • Google Insights shows displays data on how users interact with your Google My Business page. You’ll find page views, actions of users and number of new followers.   Google Insights displays this information in numbers as well as percentage.

No matter how frustrating it gets, keep at your social media strategy.  You will find what works best for your brand, though accept that your strategy will more than likely have to be tweaked as social media evolves.



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