Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer….

Alright, perhaps that’s a little harsh, of course the competition is not your enemy!  So why should you care what your competition is up to, anyhow? Your competition can be a great source of measuring your success, seeing what’s working (or not) for them, and motivation for you!  You’ll gain a better understanding of  what you could improve, how their audience and brand differs from yours and even what tactics are working for them that you may emulate.

The best part? They don’t know you’re watching them.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel a little like James Bond!

So, we’ve talked about identifying your target audience, but not much about your competition.  So who is your competitor?   A competitor is someone who has the same goals as you and they offer something to your audience that you also offer (or at least the customer perceives it to be the same offering), the very people you want pounding down your door for your services.

Once you’ve decided who you’d like to keep your eye on, head on over to Your “Insights Tab”, scroll down to “Pages to Watch” and add away to your hearts content.   A good idea is to add yourself as well so you have a benchmark.


As you can see there are several metrics here, including the number of posts to page, number of fan interactions, and how you stack up to the competition.  (In keeping with my 007, covert operation, I have blacked out the individuals I am following for purposes of this tutorial). As you can see, I might get really discouraged by #1’s engagement level.  29.4K fan engagement with only 9 posts this week?!  Instead, I will attempt to tailor my posts to yield the same results.  As in most aspects of business, quality over quantity holds true for social media as well.

Who will you be keeping an eye on?  Remember, email us your response so that “they” don’t know!




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