Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: How often should I be active?

Have you ever heard a commercial so many times you began to loathe the very company it represents?  

Need I say more?  Okay, I’ll give it to ya that this one was pretty funny, but you get the point! 

Although Social Media is now king, we can still apply the same lessons:  How do you successfully advertise, or post, frequently enough to be informative without being annoying?  Just as peak posting times go, there are no magical answers to “How often should I post on each platform,” however, there are general guidelines to follow.

Facebook:  We have found Facebook isn’t something to sink a lot of effort into because of the minimal organic exposure, but do find it is something that needs to have a maintained presence, almost like as with a shop window.  You keep it pretty enough to make people want to come in.  Katie’s Rx: “I generally suggest 3-5 posts per week, but may vary if you are more B2C than B2B. A B2C business may want to post up to 2 times a day or more depending on the engagement of their audience.”

Limited organic reach so that you HAVE to pay for ads to be seen.

Limited organic reach so that you HAVE to pay for ads to be seen.

Twitter: Unlike Facebook, you could post once an hour or more on twitter and be fine.  Over posting isn’t much of a problem here because the shelf life of a tweet is much shorter than that of a Facebook status update, for example.  Many times, your tweets will go unnoticed all together just due to the sheer number of tweets in the Twitterverse.  For B2C, many “experts” recommend up to 14 times a day, though I tend to be more conservative, even more so for B2B.  The rate at which your tweets will disappear into oblivion isn’t worth pouring  a ton of time and energy into a different Tweet each time.  Twitter is a place where you can scatter the same few messages here and there multiple times over in order for more people to get to see your current sale or link to your webinar.  Katie’s Rx:  1 to 2 times per day B2B.

Instagram:  This is a fun one, but depending on your type of business, you may not even need to maintain a presence at all.  This is a great platform for B2C brands looking to make a visual impact, for instance home decor or a clothing line.   Like Twitter, the shelf life is rather short and updates/images move fast on Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about over posting. Katie’s Rx: “I would say depending on your creative inclination, 3 to 5 times a week is sufficient.”  

*Please note that with any social media platform the number of times you post will vary depending on your audience and the engagement you actually get from them.  If your messages are well and widely received then you may want to post more frequently.

This is a two part series, next week I’ll be back next week with guidelines on posting frequency for Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! Stay tuned!

Please share with us!  How often are you posting on your social media platforms of choice and how do you decide how often you are going to post?



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