I don’t care if you “like” me or not…

You read that right.  I don’t care.

Alright, fine, sure it’d hurt my feelings if you, my devoted reader, didn’t care for me personally though professionally I don’t care.  I’m specifically referring to Facebook “likes”.  The last few weeks I’ve been blogging about common mistakes I see and buying likes and/or running contests on Facebook is just another mistake.

I’ve spoke about this before, though if you missed it, I’ll remind you that Facebook rolled out an algorithm way back that will only allow Facebook Business pages to reach approximately 3-5% of their “likes” and that is on the higher end for most average pages.  If you aren’t truly interested in what I have to say or offer as a business, then I don’t care if you like me on Facebook. In fact, I prefer if you didn’t so my algorithm will reach my target audience.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking of Facebook as being the end all, be all to their social media strategy, partly because it is so user friendly and everyone is on it.  They use their FB Business page as a popularity contest, rather than promoting their business.  I’d rather see you with 5 legitimate fans rather than 5.5 million that you obtained by promising an entry for a free iPad in exchange for liking.  Think about it, if your brother’s sister’s nephew’s cousin twice removed only liked your page at the hopes of winning an iPad and will NEVER be a client of yours, not only are you out an iPad, but also he could also be one of that 3-5% reach on any given day.  Talk about a waste!  He doesn’t care what you have to say!  Keep your fans (aka likes) to those who need you!

Contests do have their place on Facebook Business pages, though it’s crucial to keep it relevant.  Believe it or not, you don’t always have to give away something of great monetary value.   Are you a personal trainer and have a kick ass move for tight abs?  Post in your timeline that you will reveal this secret if that post gets x amount of likes. You are now only getting likes for those genuinely interested in what you do for a living.  See the difference? Also, you are content marketing at the same time.

So, next time you log onto your Facebook business page and notice an “unlike” be relieved that this fake fo is no longer clogging up your algorithm pipelines.  Shift gears and think of ways to grow your reach and improve your message to those who are waiting to hear from you!



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