Instagram Hack to Make Your Life Easier

Social media is so vital to our roles in growing our business yet can also cause a great deal of frustration when it seemingly won’t cooperate with what we want it to do. It leaves us yelling at our laptops and phones and sometimes having the urge to throw these devices across the room.  Or is that just me?  I digress.  I’d like to walk you through a problem we encountered the other day and the simple fix.  Now THAT’S Social Media SOLVED!

The Problem:   Upon attempting to share a photo to Facebook that has been uploaded to Instagram, Instagram would only allow the client to share on her personal Facebook account, not the Business Facebook Account, as the client wished.

The Solution:   Instagram defaults to your personal account as you may have many business accounts you manage.  You simply need to tell Instagram which account your photos, by default, should be shared.  This is a simple, quick fix, although this must be done from your mobile device.  This cannot be done from your PC, so go ahead and grab your phone.  When you’ve got that ready proceed to step one!

1) Click on the three buttons on your home screen to access your “Settings”


2) Click on “Linked Accounts”


3) Select “Facebook”


4) Select the account to which you desire your photos to be uploaded


Easy enough?  Let me know what is driving you crazy on your social media accounts and not only will I provide you with an answer, I might even do a brief tutorial for you as well!


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