My Close Encounter with the Third Kind

When I was a little girl I loved dancing, ballet, and writing!   I was always scribbling my thoughts and ideas down on paper.  I won awards in school for my writing and attended Young Author Society Conferences where I excelled as well.  In my first decade of life I decided I would become a journalist and do a lil dancing on the side.  All was well in my world, not many people know what they want to do at age 30, let alone age 10.

That all changed one lazy Saturday afternoon as I was flipping through channels trying to find something interesting to watch.  (What is with that, anyway?  To this day, I still have the same issues with television, 10,000 channels and not a damn thing on!)  Somehow I stumbled on a program about aliens.  I proceeded to watch, uncomfortably, clutching my old, beat up teddy bear I had carried around for a decade when IT happened.  One of the gentleman claiming to have been visited by aliens was a *gasp* WRITER!  He explained he felt aliens were drawn towards writers as, in his opinion, the aliens believed writers could best articulate what they’ve witnessed and communicate it with our world.

Terror struck as I leapt off the couch, grabbed the old clunky brown remote frantically pushing the buttons in an attempt to change the channel. I finally gave up and ran to my room in a panic, gasping for air. All my 10 year old brain could think was “What if aliens visited me, wanting me to write about my experience?”  With that thought, my writing days, and dreams for the future,  were over.

I ripped up my journals, writings, awards, I threw them all away out of a silly childhood fear.  I decided to keep this my secret.  It’s been my secret up until today.

So why am I now sharing this with you?  I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake I did, allow fear to dictate how you will live your life.   Fear and self-doubt can really get a nasty grip on us.  Obviously I outgrew this particular childhood fear, though that doesn’t mean I’m 100% fearless today.  Fear of failure and even fear of success can impede your business ventures. What fear do you have that is holding you back from living the life you want and fulfilling your dreams?  

For the record, Aliens have yet to visit me 🙂 So I want to know about YOU. Have any of your biggest fears actually played out? Or are they needlessly holding you back?  Share with me below.  Maybe we can talk this out…


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