Oh my Google!

Despite being tied to the most popular search engine in the world, Google+ never quite took off as a social media platform the way Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest did.  Google did their fair share of marketing and hype, but it seemed to fall flat on its face. While I gave it a valiant effort, I found I was left looking at a blank screen, so I jumped ship.

Recently, I decided to give Google+ one more try for my business and was pleasantly surprised with the recent launch of “Google My Business”.  I feel this has breathed new life into Google+ and is definitely worthy of another look for small business owners.  I know, I don’t like looking at a blank screen either, but hopefully those days are gone.  Here are some reasons to head on over and create your Google My Business Page.

Puts you on the Map:  It seems as if the world’s largest search engine may have finally got it together making it easier for customers to find local businesses by putting YOU on the Google Grid.   That’s right, your business will be on Google Maps as soon as you enter your information.

Great for your SEO:  Every time you post a status update, your business name and brand is thrown into the interwebs via Google. Did I mention Google is THE largest search engine in the world?  You need to be there!

Knowledge is Power:  My favorite part, Google My Business scours the internet for your business reviews.   This is probably the most helpful aspect of GMB, as reviews may pop up in other locations on the internet such as Yahoo or Bing, however, now Google will have them in one place for you to see.  Knowing what your customers are saying about you gives you power to know what’s going right, as well as what’s going wrong, so you may rectify these situations.

There’s an App for that:  If you’re an android user, hop on over to Google Store and download “Google My Business” to keep up with your customers on the go.

Just like any other social media platform, there may be a learning curve involved, though I believe this one may really pay off.


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