Pinterest, Google +, & LinkedIn: How often should I be active?

As promised last week, I’m back with the posting frequency guidelines for 3 more social media platforms.  Without further ado, let’s jump right in…

Pinterest:  Pinterest is similar to Facebook in that you just want to maintain a presence unless you are B2C and it is an integral part of your social media strategy.  Like Instagram, this may be better suited for brands needing that visual impact I mention in the first part of this blog.  If you run a small bakery, for instance, this might be a great place to “pin” pictures of your decadent desserts.  Katie’s Rx: 2 times a week is sufficient B2B, maybe more if B2C.

LinkedIn:  This is where you really want to be careful about being relevant and not overwhelming.  Be yourself, but check your silly side at the door.  There are plenty of other platforms to let your hair down. I’m breaking the posting frequency into two parts, Home Newsfeed and Groups.  Home Newsfeed:  A few times a week is adequate as you don’t want to flood your network’s notifications.  I like to post my weekly blogs here and perhaps a social media article I find interesting, tips, and accomplishments. Groups:  You can post more frequently and really make good connections here.  I often think of LinkedIn Groups as the Internet’s answer to “standing around the water cooler” at the office.  There are typically ongoing conversations, so jump in!   Katie’s Rx:  A few times a week to your newsfeed and as much as relevant content you have to offer in groups. This is really THE place to demonstrate your knowledge in your area of expertise and showcase yourself as the expert and authority that you ARE!

Google+: Earlier this year, I was really excited about some of the changes Google+ had made for businesses.  I was so pumped and hopeful that I even wrote a blog about it here.  Like many changes in social media, you often times end up unimpressed a few months later.  Although I don’t feel the same excitement for it now, I DO feel it is still extremely important to maintain a presence here.  It is still a fantastic way for others to find you by lining you directly into Google’s search engine.  If you have a physical location where you want clients or customers to come to, you HAVE to be set up here.  Katie’s Rx:  2-3 times per week.  

What about you?  Will you be changing any of your posting frequency strategies or through this 2 part series have you discovered that you are right on target with what you are doing now?  Let me know and share in the comments below!  We all are here to learn from and help each other, after all 😉


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