Quick Tips to Run Your Online Shenanigans More Effortlessly

Put the power of the internet to work for you!    Here are some of my favorite time saver, productivity enhancing tools I can’t live without!  Most of these are free and can be implemented and up and running in minutes, making your life easier.

1)  Did someone visit your webpage and not purchase?   Or want to attract more of the same type of customers to your Facebook page?  Facebook now has “Custom  Audiences” that will redirect that lost visitor back to your Facebook page to finalize those purchases.  Check it out here!

2)  Speaking of Facebook, this brings me to my next, quickly implemented tip:  Make sure there is a link to your external website in your “About” section on Facebook.


3)  Need a professional resume built for yourself or a client? Utilize the information that is already stored in LinkedIn.  LinkedIn’s resume builder.

4) Regularly posting pictures to Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy?   Use the analytics on Iconosquare to determine the best time of day for you to post.

5)  Wondering how your Pins are doing on Pinterest?  Pinterest recently introduced their own analytics as well.  I recently discovered this post has been repinned over 100 times, I now have a better feel for what the “Pinners” want to see.

6)  Twitter moves at lightening speed!  Blink and you’ll miss an important tweet, as will your followers.  Twitter now allows users to “Pin” important tweets so they remain at the top of your profile at all times, similar to pinning a post on Facebook.  This is useful if you have an event or speaking engagement coming up and want to make your followers aware.  Simply find the tweet you’d like to pin, click on the 3 small circle drop down menu and select “Pin to your profile page”.


7)  This site almost rivals having a personal assistant!  Head on over to  IFTTT (If This Then That) and check out the “recipes” to keep your life and business more manageable.  Anything from automatically changing your Twitter banner IF your Facebook banner is changed to payments that are accepted via Square will add a new row on your spreadsheet!

8) At a loss to find relevant content to share to your audience?  Regular Content Marketing is a cornerstone in leveraging yourself as the go to in your industry.  You need to be up to speed on the latest and greatest in your line of work, though sometimes being in the thick of business, it may be difficult to find fresh material.   Head over to swayy.com, enter in interests and each day you have a new set of articles relevant to your industry.  As a bonus, it even suggests hashtags to use as you are sharing!

9) Speaking of relevant content, once you’ve found it, share it on Slideshare!  You can create tutorials, how-to’s or even showcase your work.  Simply create your portfolio in PowerPoint, upload to Slideshare, and viola! You’ve got clear, easy to read and understand content that your readers can save and share themselves!

10)  If you’ve gotten this far and signed up for any of these tools, you’ll now have too many passwords to keep track of.  As if you didn’t have enough already!  I highly recommend Roboform to store them all for you.  Best part is you can log into your Roboform from any computer and access your accounts. 

What are some of your best kept, time saving secrets?


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