8 Smartphone Apps for Your Business & Why I Love My Cell Bill

A few weeks ago I posted about some of my favorite time saving websites.  Today I’d like to share some of my favorite time saving, productivity enhancing apps for your smartphone. If you run your business anything like I do, your office may change day to day and you rely heavily on your cell phone to keep business running smoothly.

Facebook Pages Manager  – This allows you to update statuses, respond to updates and messages while on the go! I particularity like this app as I DO schedule some of my Facebook statuses, but honestly, most of them are on the go as inspiration strikes.

Hootsuite – Along with Facebook Pages Manager, this is a helpful “on the go” scheduling app. Another benefit is you can reschedule posts with ease.  While scheduling posts makes your life easier, they aren’t always guaranteed to be timely.  If you are cracking jokes in the middle of a world crisis, you can easily delete or schedule at a later date.

CardMunch – I LOVE this app and wish I would have known about it sooner.  Everywhere you go, someone is bound to hand you their business card.  Forget about the volume of cards you walk away from when attending a seminar or networking event.  I used to manually enter these into my contacts. Not anymore.  This  business card reader for LinkedIn allows you to convert  all those business cards to address book contacts and add them as LinkedIn connections, simply by taking a photo of the card with your phone.


Expensify – Their logo is “expense reports that don’t suck”.  This is a great tool for a business owner in that it helps you easily log expenses and capture receipts with your phone.  You’ll be ready when the tax man cometh!

Evernote – is a must-have note-taking app.  This app allows you to take notes either written or audio, create reminders, and to-do lists.  You can also clip web pages for later viewing and create short documents to share with your colleagues and team.  You’ll never need to carry around a paper and pen again!   

SquareInstaPic – If you’re regularly using Instagram as part of your Social Media Strategy, this is a must-have.  I can’t tell you how frustrated I was when I began using Instagram and found when I’d upload a photo, Instagram defaults to cropping all my uploads to perfect, square images. This left much of my visual content cropped out of the image. SquareInstaPic allows you to keep all of your valuable visual content in your pictures, then upload to Instagram through the app itself.

Asana – This app allows you to communicate and assign tasks to your team or bushiness partners while keeping it in one location.  So many times early on I would email tasks to my team, only for the email to get lost in the massive amounts of mail that comes in daily.  My assistant and I were constantly bumping the email back up to the top of our inboxes.  With Asana, not only are your tasks online, but also handy on your phone on the go.  As you or your team complete a task, your app is updated as well.  I believe this tool is  beneficial even if you’re running a one man show.  

CloudOn – This is like carrying Microsoft Office in your back pocket. You can create, edit and share any compatible Microsoft Office Documents wherever you may be.  This also allows you to easily store these documents into your dropbox so they are ready for you when you return to your PC.

Don’t hold out on me, what are some of your favorite, productivity enhancing app you swear by?  Share in the comments below so we can all benefit!


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