So Many Social Media Playgrounds, On Which Should I Play?

With the new year around the corner, you may be thinking of your strategies and goals for 2015.  Whether your are just getting started in social media, or if you feel your efforts aren’t as fruitful as you’d like, now’s a great time to re-evaluate. You know you need to maintain a presence on Social Media, but which site should you spend the most time on?

First things first, it’s important to identify your target audience in order to know what is important to them and where they are most likely to hang out on the interwebs.  Does your company make hip clothing geared towards the college crowd or are you selling Miracle Ear to Baby Boomers? 

Secondly, determine whether you are  B2C (Business to Consumer), these purchase are typically fueled by emotion and rapport OR B2B (Business to Business) these purchases are predominantly motivated by goals, budgets, and trust.  

These two items are THE TWO items I consider when I determine which social media platforms I will include in a proposal for a client.

I’ll go through some platforms with my thoughts, then take the two or three that appeal to you and focus your energies there.

Facebook:  YES, YES, YES.  There are some pesky algorithms in place, though with 1 billion users, it’s wise to at least maintain a presence here.   This is good for both B2C and B2B.

Pinterest:  While I maintain a Pinterest Business account, I don’t spend too much of my time there.  Think about who spends their time on Pinterest?  According to this, 80% of Pinterest users are women.  If you are a company that sells products to women, this is a great place to focus more of your strategy.  My recommendation is for B2B to use visual marketing to create a strong presence here.

Instagram:  This is where both B2C and B2B companies can build rapport and trust with their audiences.  This is more of a fun, let your hair down platform.  I particularly like Instagram for the visual ‘wow’ factor it may provide companies or professionals like chefs,  home decor stores, fitness trainers, or even travel planners.  Currently neither Edgerank nor any other algorithm are in place here to determine who will see what you share so you may get a lot more exposure than some other sites.

LinkedIn:  78% of users are 35 or older, so if you are selling that Miracle Ear, this is the platform for you! All kidding aside, this is where I recommend B2B to absolutely be.   According to this, LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter, or Blogs. As puzzling as it might be, only 47% of B2B marketers say they are actively using LinkedIn vs. 90% on Facebook as part of their social media strategy.  I happen to get a lot of new business and great relationships out of LinkedIn.  If I can help, let me know!

These are just general guidelines and as I always do, I encourage you to evaluate what your specific needs are for your business in order to determine what is best for you!  I don’t care what any of the gurus say, none of this is cookie cutter and while one thing may work for me or you, it may not work for someone else.  I’m just here to provide my insights and observations over the last several years of performing social media experiments and trials.  Tell me, what are some of the things you have learned that have worked well for you?


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