Social Media Banner Cheat Sheet

Your social media banners are your online store front.  These may be the first impression others will have of you, your business and your brand. You only get one chance to make that first impression and the last thing you want is a crooked or cut off image due to incorrect sizing.  I know firsthand how frustrating it is to “play” with images getting them to fit, the key is to know the pixel sizes for each platform.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer or have to dump a ton of money into software to have a professional looking presence on your social media store fronts.  I’m going to show you two ways this can be accomplished.

Option #1:  Picmonkey:  Head on over to this website, which is free and user friendly.

  • Upload your photo you wish to be your background
  • Find “Basic Effects”
  • Scroll down to “Resize”
  • Change your pixels accordingly (note:  you’ll need to uncheck the two boxes use “percentages” and keep “proportions”

Screenshot (84)1

Here’s the breakdown of correct pixels for each Platform:


  • Cover Photo – 851 x 315
  • Profile Picture – 180 x 180
  • App thumbnails – 111 x 74


  • Header Photo – 1,500 x 500
  • Profile Picture – 400 x 400

Google +:

  • Cover Image – 1080 x 608
  • Profile Picture – 250 x 250


  • Profile Picture – 165 x 165


  • Profile Picture – 110 x 110
  • Photo Thumbnails – 161 x 161


  • Channel Cover Photo – 2560 x 1440

*Special note about YouTube – I highly recommend the “guts” of your content to be 1546 x 423 as this is the only portion of your cover photo a mobile user will see.  You may have great content above or below that area, but it will go unseen and cause you tons of frustration.  I recommend the area surrounding the 1546 x 423 being a solid color of your choice.

Option #2:  Simply use the templates I’ve created for you.  You’ll want to click on one of the below templates, save to your computer, manipulate with your content and Voila!  Success!  Just note the shaded areas will be covered by each platforms various icons.  YouTube has the smallest area that can be customized.

Facebook Banner { 851 x 315 }

banner for facebook

Google +  {1152 x 2048}

googleplus template

Twitter {1500 x 500 }

twitter template

Youtube {1440 x 2650 px}

youtube background


How did you do?  I’d love to see your handy work, leave you new and improved banners in the comments!



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