Do you believe you are the best kept secret in your industry?

Are you engaging with your target audience?

Listen, your online presence (and/or lack of one) is sending a message RIGHT now.  

What are you truly communicating to your clients and potential clients?

Social Media Review And Strategy Session

Stop wasting time and put an end to the frustration. I will help you prioritize,outline and plan so that your efforts are rewarded with real results. You’ll see more followers and greater engagement which leads directly to more clients.

Start making your social media efforts pay off!

Here’s what you can expect:

1Step One

You’ll receive a questionnaire where you can explain what you do now and what (if anything) is working for you. And you can give me all your links so I can take a look at your Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and anything else you might have.


2Step Two

After I receive your info, we’ll set up a short phone (or Skype) chat. I want to make sure that I understand what your goals are and it’s a great time for you to tell me anything extra I might need to know about your business.


3Step Three

We’ll do a personal webinar – just you and me talking about and taking a look at your social media real estate. Together. And I’ll record it so you can keep it. That way, as you make changes and implement new things, you can refer back to things. It’ll be your personal go-to resource.


4Step Four

About a week after our webinar, I’ll provide you with a detailed report. No more guessing about what to do or how to do it. I’ll provide:

                                                 *A detailed analysis of what is working
                                                 *Notes about changes to increase your effectiveness
                                                 *Suggestions for improvements – a personal to-do list!
                                                 *Strategies to insure you see goal based results from our convo
                                                 *Content ideas – to improve engagement

The best part?
You’ll know exactly what to do next! No more guessing or crossing your fingers and hoping something good will happen. Now you’ll have a game plan to follow and implement.

The impression others have of you, your business and your company may not be what you intend. In fact, you might be sending the wrong message entirely. So often, I see companies focused on volume and intensity. It’s like shouting the wrong directions and wondering why no one shows up to your party.

The noise about social media marketing for business is deafening…And overwhelming.

Social Media Training and Consulting Columbus Ohio

  • What kind of impact can I really make if I have limited time to deal
    with social media?
  • How can I target my message to the people who want what I offer?

These are just a few of the questions I get from clients and soon-to-be clients when we discuss their online profiles.  And it doesn’t stop there. I also have conversations about how to grow an audience or how to get all those friends and followers to take action.  After all, that’s the whole point!

It can be enough to make you question
if it’s worth all the time and energy.

Stephanie Charache

“I have enjoyed working with Katie over that last few months as she is patient, creative and has an understanding of Social Media marketing beyond simple Facebook posting. I applied her techniques, which increased my Social Medial presence, which resulted in more business. I would highly recommend adding Katie to your Social Media campaign team.”

~Stephanie Charache, Owner,

Teresa Cleveland

“Katie has invested many, many hours studying social media behavior and trends. She has gathered a wealth of information and insights that allows her to develop effective, customized plans & strategies for her clients. This is one of the many reasons I have chosen to partner with her on various projects for my clients and prospects.”

~Teresa Cleveland, Owner,

Together  we will discuss your goals and desired outcome from your social media activity. I’ll do an in-depth analysis of your social media presence, both active and inactive.

Once I’ve researched your information and best practices for your industry I’ll provide you with your personalized, detailed report.

To recap, you will receive:

  • A detailed analysis of what’s working and my overall impressions – think big picture here.  You know how hard it is to see yourself the way others see you? The same thing happens with your social media impression – I want you to see things the way a client sees them.
  • Notes about improvements and changes. You will know exactly what steps to take. No more crossing your fingers and hoping things work. Following this to-do list will be all about getting you where you want to go.
  • Strategy ideas to insure you see results based on your goals. This is where I’ll outline what steps to take on each platform and why they are different. You’ll get insights about what will motivate engagement, how to maximize your efforts and what to do first!
  • A priority list so you can be confident that your efforts are rewarded. I know you’re busy so implementation can happen as your schedule permits. Work through the list one at a time until everything is in place.
  • Suggestions about missing content to improve your engagement. Sometimes it IS what you say – not how you say it! I’ll give you some concrete examples from my personal list of go-to strategies. You can refer to it anytime you’re stuck about what to post and ideas to get the conversation started.

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Dr. Hillel Mazansky

“It has been a distinct honor for me to have employed Katie as my Facebook and LinkedIn design and strategy expert. She works with all speed and alacrity. She is without comparison and comes extremely highly recommended.”
~ Dr. Hillel Mazansky,

Jeaun Walters

“Katie is a great person to help with your social media needs. Very knowledgeable & fun to work with.”
~ Jeaun Walters, Acquire Capital Resources


I look forward to rocking out your business with you!

P.S.  Get rid of your social media anxiety.
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Katie Swinehart

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