Will You Answer the Call?

A CTA Calendar (Call to Action Calendar which is I *think* something I kind of made up) is simply putting your social media…

Creme de la Twitter

As you go through your day, updating and connecting with potential clients on your Social Media sites, you may begin to wonder if it’s really worth the work.  You aren’t alone, according to this only 12% of marketers feel confident in measuring their Social Media Return on Investment.

This online marketing game is all about engaging first and selling second.  Ah, but you want to sell, sell, sell.  Of course.   The value of social media is not always immediately apparent or measurable.  In fact, it’s a bit of a contradiction to rely on reports to measure “social” interaction.  Social media sites are where your customers are going to go to get to know you and your product.  As convenient as it is for your customer, it can take time to build rapport, customer trust, and brand awareness via these channels. 

Instagram a Crash Course

I decided to jump in feet first and hop on the Instagram train for Social Media Marketing.  By the way, you can check me out at www.instagram.com/katieswinehart, but only after you’re finished reading this, of course. The Good:  It’s AMAZING how quickly you can make new connections simply by implementing appropriate hashtags. In my line of business I’m using #entrepreneur, #socialmedia, #socialmediatips, etc.  Of course for you, these will vary, just be sure to use hashtags relevant to your business or industry.

1 Simple Mistake Keeping Visitors From Your Website

You are posting your website address in all the right places.  You’re getting out there and trying to be pro-active with your inbound marketing strategy.  You’re feeling good about your efforts, but no results.  Why?