Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015…A Special Gift Inside

2014 was a fantastic year for me personally and professionally. I’ve met so many wonderful individuals whom I am honored to call my clients and who have entrusted me with their social media strategies. For that, I thank you and am ever so grateful for you.

As we close 2014 out and welcome 2015 in, I believe it is important to establish goals for the coming year.  In order to help you establish what some of these goals might be I have a gift for you below.  This checklist will help you

Be Surprised by Who ACTUALLY Needs to Hear What You Have to Say

I recently attended an event where we were asked to turn to the person to our left and come up with a tagline for our business as a group exercise.  I turned to the gentleman next to me in an attempt to come up with the requested tagline and asked “let’s start with who is your target customer?”  He was stumped, in fact, he scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders and said…

You need to know this, Stop wasting your time

How many brands can you name in 10 seconds?  A ton, right?  That is because those established brands are capitalizing on fundamentals that you as a small business can also reap rewards from.  Here’s the thing, too many small businesses are missing out on these fundamentals.  As a result far too much of our time is wasted; flat out spent…

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