Top 10 signs that you work from home

Working at home is a hard concept for some to understand while it is equally as puzzling for those of us who work from home to think of why anyone in their right mind would ever choose to go somewhere else every day under the rule of someone else?!  For those of us in the latter camp you will understand the list we have for you here today.  For those of you who aren’t as lucky to work from home, get ready to become #jealous. 

1)  You poured a ton of cash into setting up a complete home office in the spare bedroom and promised yourself you’d get up early every day to shower, dress, and prepare for your day.  About 2 weeks in, your preferred working environment and attire more closely resembles this:


2)  You may or may not be wearing pants right now, and that’s okay.


3)  You lack a routine, and you begin to lose sense of time. Frequent nights working into the wee hours of the morning leave you resenting your children for waking you before noon.  Do they really need to be on time to school every day?!?  


4) Speaking of lacking a routine, some days you don’t shower until 4pm, or bother to put on clothes for that matter.  The mailman begins to ask about your health as you’re still in your pajamas in the afternoon as he delivers your mail.  Mind your own business, post office boy!

post office

5)  You find yourself secretly begrudging your spouse as he/she actually gets to leave their “place of employment.”  Your only escape is the grocery store which sadly begins to feel like a vacation.

grocery store1

6)  When you say you “work from home” your friends automatically assume this is what you do all day.  Offended, you immediately tell them they have no idea how hard it is and they are totally wrong. They don’t have to know that it actually IS true every once in a while.  (The beauty of being self-employed)


7)  Though according to this, those who work from home have a 13% increase in productivity, took fewer breaks and less sick days.  Your friends just can’t handle this level of awesome.


8)  Your days of  hovering over the toilet to pee in a communal restroom are over!  Ahhhh, there’s really no place like home for some things!


9)  You never again have to leave notes like this on the office refrigerator, and you can quit spitting in your food ‘just in case.’


10) Finally!  You can go off those anti-anxiety meds as you no longer suffer from an acute case of “Road Rage.”


I KNOW you have some to add to the list!  Share your favorite, and not so favorite, things about working from home!



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