Tutorial: Boost Your Business Credibility for $1.17

One of the biggest mistakes I see with small business is websites that end in wordpress.org.  Unless you OWN WordPress, you need your own, unique domain.   This is an easy and inexpensive fix.  For $1.17 and about 5 minutes of work, you can be sporting your own, vanity domain name!

You can’t just go to GoDaddy to get this deal, you need to Google “GoDaddy“.  The first sponsored ads will be buy domain for .99 or $1.17 after tax and ICANN fees.  What’s an ICANN fee?  ICANN is short for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  

Here is a brief tutorial to walk you through the steps.


 So you should be all set!  What domain name did you choose?


*Update: While I do agree GoDaddy can be a good place to buy a domain for cheap, I do not recommend their hosting.  If you need hosting for your domain Team Swinehart recommends bluehost.



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