What the #hashtag?

Hashtags are everywhere these days. You can’t log onto your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook without someone inevitably speaking in this seemingly unnecessary, foreign language.  They aren’t just for teenagers and you CAN use them to help target your audience, improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and most importantly, get your brand discovered.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “what’s trending now?”  This is simply a hashtag that has gained a lot of chatter on Social Media Sites and what people are talking about in real time.  They are continuously changing, and can come and go within minutes!  The question is; however, how do you use trending hashtags to your advantage? Remember the blackout at the Superbowl of 2013?  Do you think you could have used this to engage your audience?  Do you think Oreo Cookies could have?  Look what they posted on their Twitter account moments after the blackout occurred.

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Clever, huh?  Oreo got massive amounts of exposure by using this trending topic at the right time.   Now generally you don’t want to spam hashtags not related to your product, but you get the idea and can get creative like Oreo did. 

So where do you find “What’s Trending Now?” As I mentioned earlier, hashtags seem to be everywhere.  You’ll hear them on television while you’re vegging out watching America’s Got Talent, the host may say “tell us what you think, hashtag AGT with your thoughts”.  This is brilliant, this engages the audience while improving their overall exposure all in real time.  You’ll also see what is trending on Facebook and even Yahoo start page. Another great place to find the top trends is Hashtags.org. 

Monitor trending hashtags by using the sites mentioned above. When you see a topic trending that is related to your business, or even one you can still comment on, make an update where you are sure to include that new, trending hashtag. By continually getting your name or product out there, you’ll increase your recognition thereby increasing your online visibility and SEO.

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  1. Thank you for this information Karen. I recently started to use hashtags with my twitter, instagram, and blogs and it has increased my followers. It’s wonderful! I am continuing to research.

    • That’s wonderful! Isn’t it amazing how one small change can have such a big impact? All the best to you and thanks for reading!

  2. Wow fabulous content and great advice which can be implemented immediately. Love it – am going to check out hashtags.org now Brilliant and thank you for sharing your genius xx

    • I’m so happy you found this helpful, and you’re correct, this is something we can all implement immediately! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Thank you!

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