Why So Serious?

Every morning on my way to dropping my children off at school, I pass an older gentleman in his 60’s running along a 3 mile stretch of wooded area.  He always flashes us a gregarious smile as he enthusiastically waves hello.  He displays this same bright smile  to each passing vehicle, every morning, rain or shine.  Regardless of how my morning is going, whether we are running late or I’ve just spilled coffee all over my white blouse, this man can always bring a smile to my face.  I’ve never met or spoke to this man, but I like him.

So how can you apply this to your social media strategy?  After all, the goal is to attract those who may have never spoke to you or met you.   Friendliness and humor are  great rapport builders, so brighten someones day and make ’em smile!

Get them talking:   I always recommend engaging your audience by asking questions. Though it doesn’t always have to be a serious, deep discussion and really, I recommend that it not be.  Here’s a great one from Charmin’s “tweetfromtheseat.”  I also recommend following Charmin on Twitter for a good laugh!  And of course to answer burning questions such as this:


Be timely:  Is there something #trending that is both relevant to your customer that could also make them smile? During the 2014 Grammy’s, Arby’s capitalized on Pharrel’s hat bearing a striking resemblance to their logo.  This tweet was able to manage over 80,000 retweets.


Be memorable:  In a time when airfare is rising and the thought of going to the airport can induce a headache, Delta put a positive, funny spin on flying.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to board a Delta flight without Baby Got Back running through my head.  Great job, Delta, you’ve made me smile and remember lighthearted 80’s music!



What about you?  Do you like to keep your social media platforms lighthearted and comical?  Share with us some of your best status updates or tweets!  Go ahead and share a screen shot.


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