Will You Answer the Call?

Each month, I sit down and write out my fitness goals.  I also write out what workouts I will do each day of the week.  When it’s on paper, my scheduled actions feel more actionable like they are laid out there for me and ready to get done.

Your Social Media Strategy is no different.  A CTA Calendar (Call to Action Calendar which is I *think* something I kind of made up) is simply putting your social media on paper and following through.  A mistake I see many businesses make is trying to manage their social media accounts and status updates in their heads.  It may work for a day or two, but without that map to keep you on track by about Wednesday of any given week you WILL forget about updating one of your platforms, or… all of them.

There are two ways to go about posting to your accounts; pre-schedule and daily as inspiration strikes. This is where the CTA Calendar comes into play.


(Click the image above to download your free CTA Calendar)

The key is to outline an action to take every day.  Each action should take you no more than 2-5 minutes to perform.  Having such a small and defined task each day makes consistent social media activity possible!  It’s like a ripple effect, the more you participate the more you are seen.  Now don’t get that confused with posting every day as for your posting frequency on Facebook and such or on LinkedIn and some of the others.  This small pre-defined action also prevents you from getting lost in the interwebs of social!

The CTA Calendar is relatively simple to construct and worth it’s weight in gold. 

  1. Pull up an empty Excel Spreadsheet and across the top, list the days of the week.  
  2. On the columns on the side, list each platform you would like to regularly post to. Need a refresher as to which social media playground you should hang out?  Check Here.
  3. Fill in the boxes with the ONE action per platform you want to take each day.  Remember, one action per platform, but you won’t post on every platform every day.

This may seem like common sense, but sometimes we all need reminders and a push to get us started.  Go ahead and get your calender constructed for the week and give it a go!


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