You so Trendy!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Find trending topics relevant to your business and contribute to a trending topic once a week. If you can find a trending topic relevant to your business to comment on once a week, you should be able to attract more followers and increase brand awareness.

So why should this matter to you? What would that do for your business if you could attract one new customer or potential client a week?  You’re probably thinking “sign me up!” So where to start?

First thing first, let’s talk about where to find what is currently trending.  Always remember what is trending is constantly changing, so these will change by the time I finish typing this sentence, so I’m going to need your full attention.  Are you awake and ready? Great!  Let’s do this!

I present to you, the best places to find what’s trending now:

1) This is pretty straightforward.  This site lists popular trending topics and breaks them down into groups as well such as Business, Education, Tech, TV/Entertainment, you’ll certainly find some content to connect with your target audience.

2)  I really like this one.  You can get local on this one. Trendsmap features an interactive map.  You can select your city, your location, and zoom out into the entire world.  For purposes of business marketing, especially if you cater to a specific city or area, this is extremely helpful in knowing the local chatter.


3) –  This is fun to play around with.  It shows you the most popular searches on Google for the day and past 30 days.  This site also a “Top Charts” option that breaks down trending content into categories such as Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Shopping and Sports.

4) – Type in ANYTHING you want to monitor, down to your name.   When Google finds it, an email will be sent to you!

5)  This is essentially an app you grant access to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts.  This looks at your previous and current updates to contour the best trending topics in your industry.  I’m really enjoying this as it suggests other share-able, relevant content based on my previous updates.  It also suggests hashtags to use as I share these articles.


This may seem unnecessary, but with the way the social media platforms are progressing, the use of hashtags and knowing what is trending is important to your business.  It’s all about being relatable and KNOWING your target audience, then passing along information and content they will find useful.  By watching “What’s Trending Now,” you may even learn a few things yourself.




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